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About Mayore Beauty

Mayore Beauty aims to be the largest makeup line created with women of colour, Africans and ebony ladies in mind. Our name is inspired by the Nigerian word meaning "successfully return", inspiring us women to reflect success in our lives. It also epitomizes the heritage and culture of ebony beauty. Currently available in South America (Brazil) and West Africa (Nigeria), we aim to reach every woman who values beauty, culture and heritage.

Our products are of high quality, enriched with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. All products are vegan and have high pigmentation, available in 25 skin tones, with light textures and a matte appearance: everything to enhance the beauty that exists in your tone. OUR PROPOSAL is to democratize access to premium makeup for your skin tone.

OUR GOAL is to expand the options of shades for all ebony skinned women, having the autonomy to decide what makes us beautiful and what deserves to be reflected on our skin.

Several years ago, beauty, culture and heritage was exported via slave ships to South America. Mayore brings it back home.

Our Physical Store is located at 11 Folawewo Street in Ogba addition to this Virtual Store, which handles online sales of Mayore products.

You can also reach us and purchase our products via our social media handles and platforms or through our beauty partners.

We pride ourselves in the fact that every tone and shade the African, ebony and coloured woman represents, is covered by Mayore.

About US

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