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At Mayore Beauty, a company registered with the CNPJ/ME under nº  41.236.896/0001-90 as DPMat Beauty , one of our fundamental pillars is the commitment to data security and privacy for the end user, as well as its customers.

We have prepared this Privacy Policy (the Policy) to explain how we treat and protect your personal data, what your rights are and how you can exercise them. With this document, we will clarify all points related to data collection. If you do not agree with the content of this Policy, it is not recommended to register on our promotional channels, if you have done so and want to exercise your rights as provided for by current legislation, you can follow the instructions sent in the communications to unsubscribe.

About how to collect personal data from visitors for registration

When registering on our website or in our promotional channels, information from visitors will be collected in the following ways:

Information provided by the visitor: whenever a visitor registers, we will ask for information such as name, email or phone number. This information will be used to send personalized messages or promotional actions, through channels such as email or whatsapp, for example.

Browsing information: if the visitor is browsing our sites or platform, demographic information (such as geolocation via IP) may be collected upon prior approval and cross-referenced with your browsing data, in order to allow greater personalization of the messages sent by our company.

Information collected by opt-in: When browsing some of our pages, you may be given the option to register via plugins, warnings and connection screens may appear at the end of each user's navigation or at the beginning, so as not to harm navigation. or interfere with any purchase procedures. In this case, the name, e-mail, and Cookie information may be collected, with the visitor's consent (for more information on cookie collection, see the Cookies Policy below). All contact information is registered in the database on partner platforms that allow the management and creation of personalized marketing actions.

About the use of data collected from users
The personal data collected from users will be processed automatically by third-party systems that have algorithms to understand behavior patterns and create segmented audiences for your marketing campaigns. These data will also be used in eventual market and consumer behavior studies, and in these cases, such data will have the information of users anonymized, no longer configuring personal data, but a mere set of aggregated data for study purposes. and research, and its anonymization is performed using the k-anonymity technique, with deletion of personal data, reducing the chances of a possible re-identification, since generalized and not individually identifiable information is used.

We may use automation in data processing to analyze the movements of the user or visitors within the website, identifying content and products of interest and, based on that, suggest products in a personalized way to individual preferences.

About access to user data
Access to user data is restricted to company employees. No personal information of users may be disclosed.

About unsubscribing, changing or deleting personal information
You can choose not to receive any further communications from the company, we always offer this option in any communications you receive, giving you the option to unsubscribe or delete your name from our registration base, based on the laws that govern the processing of personal information.

To exercise your right to object to the treatment, simply click on the link at the bottom of the e-mail and you will automatically be unsubscribed from our list if you have any difficulty in contacting our direct service through our website.

It is worth remembering that, when performing a new registration in any channel of the company, your data will be inserted again in our contact list, requiring a new subscription cancellation.

Changes to the Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated if necessary. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically visit this page so that you are aware of the changes.

What are cookies?
Cookies are defined as small text files inserted into the code of our company's website through contracted third parties. These files may be transferred to your browser or device (such as a cell phone or tablet), allowing us to recognize your browser or device, and to know how and when websites, products and services are used. Its main function, when stored in a web browser, is to enable us to recognize you and make your visit personalized according to your preferences analyzed using third-party technologies.

In short, we view cookies as visitor and user identification cards. Third-party technology works with "persistent" and "session" cookies. Persistent Cookies are those that, regardless of browsing, are always registered on the server. When we talk about session cookies, we are referring to navigational behaviors within a single user navigation window. Such cookies are subdivided into:

Analytical cookie These cookies make it possible to recognize and count the number of visitors, in order to demonstrate how they move within the website and technology. Our focus is to improve visitor/user behavior analysis.

For example: cookies that automatically collect certain data about your interaction with elements of a website to identify how many times a page has been visited or how many people have accessed that page. These cookies help us to better understand trends in the use of a page by the public in order to improve the experience of its users.

Customization cookies We use these cookies to recognize your return to the website and technology. As a result, we were able to make content increasingly relevant to visitors and users, send standardized messages and rescue their preferences.

For example: cookies that allow us to remember certain interactions made on a page, so that when the user returns to that page, it becomes possible to offer additional useful and relevant information related to that user's profile and preferences based on their previous interactions. These technologies are especially useful for advertising purposes.

Tracking cookie These cookies are used to record your visit to the website or technology, which pages were visited and other relevant navigation information. As with customization cookies, our goal is to make the site/technology more personalized based on your interests.

For example: cookies that allow us to record certain actions during a browsing session on a page, in order to enable the mapping of the user's activity flow and facilitate decision-making on how certain types of content will be made available to them during or after the your navigation. These technologies are especially useful for advertising purposes.

How to manage your cookie preferences?
You can always refuse to install the cookies described in this Policy on your device and/or opt out of these cookies at any time by following the information below.

Current web browsers have tools that allow you to manage your preferences. Within your browser, in the settings tab, there is the option to refuse cookies or delete them, according to your wishes. You will find further explanation on how to proceed by clicking on the links below. To find information related to other browsers, visit the browser developer website.


Remember that the use of cookies allows us to offer you a better experience during your internet browsing. If you choose to block cookies while browsing our website, you may compromise your personalized browsing experience. In addition, it will not be possible to guarantee the correct functioning of all the functionalities of the platforms that depend on the use of automated data collection technologies.

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